A m a l u n a ' s  C r e a t i o n s


AmaLuna’s Creations 2013

My “vivencias” or experiences in life as well as my poetry make my work unique.  I find inspiration for my creations in various mediums; such as : listening to the branches of the trees being moved by the wind, the sound of the rain, walking on the beach and watching the gentle waves of the ocean caress the sand or admiring the birds in my garden; while they are building their nests.  All of these activities create rhythms that give birth to a variety of forms.  When I blend these forms along with their visual impact, the richness of colours and textures; I am able to create a unique piece of art.
Mixed- media Jewelry
I love mixed-media jewelry because it challenges any established rule of what jewelry is supposed to be.  It allows me to mix precious gems with buttons or beach stones as I see fit.  I like the fact that it revolutionizes our creativity by showing us that a washed piece of glass found at the beach or a piece of leather or wood and even a faded ribbon can be crafted into jewelry.  Additionally, I enjoy the opportunity that mixed-media gives me to use recycled materials, which is a "green" approach to jewelry-making.  This opens up a dialogue about our role and ultimately our responsibility in the crafting of art and its impact on the environment.  I thrive on the fact that that it pushes the boundaries and the pre-conceptions about what is considered "precious" when the artistic merit of a piece is being evaluated.
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